Your Ultimate Subdivision and Development Guidelines

Are you wondering if you can do a subdivision, but just not clear on the subdivision and development guidelines?

Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares his thoughts on the subdivision and development guidelines and how you can get more information.

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So if you’re looking to understand the subdivision development guidelines, you’re in the right place.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

Request Your Free Guide to Subdivision and Development Guidelines

So we have available for you Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. So this is a guide about a lot of different projects, but in particular subdivision. It’s highly specialized in that area and I recommend you grab a copy. It’s free from our website,

Talk to the Experts

And if you really are serious about understanding the subdivision, and you can get a subdivision on your property, then we do also recommend that you book in for a consultation to speak to one of our team so we can better understand what you’re trying to achieve.
You don’t have to understand all these rules yourself. Leave those to the experts.
We’ve done thousands of these over decades in our team and I’d love to be able to take care of it for you. My name is Colin Fragar and thanks for watching Your Ultimate Subdivision and Development Guidelines.