5 Ways To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

Are you feeling the winter chill due to heat loss?

Here’s 5 Ways To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

5 Clever Ways To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

It’s no surprise that a significant portion of Australia’s housing stock is ageing and these homes typically have single glazed windows, leaky constructions with poor airtightness, and minimal wall and roof insulation.

These issues combined with Australia’s love of open plan living and large windows, designed to facilitate air flow and cross-ventilation in the summer months, contributes to heat loss compromised energy efficiency and higher energy bills in the winter.

If you’re planning a renovation and want to ensure your space becomes a warm and inviting sanctuary during the chilly winter months – we’ve got you covered! With a few strategic changes, you can reduce heat loss and create a winter retreat that you’ll love coming home to.

Here’s how:

Insulation: Wrap Your Home in Warmth
During your renovation, prioritise insulation to keep the cold at bay. Enhancing your insulation not only prevents heat loss but also reduces energy consumption and lowers those dreaded winter energy bills. Consider adding insulation to your walls, roof, and floors to create a barrier that traps warmth inside.

Windows and Doors: Embrace Efficiency and Style
Upgrade your windows and doors to energy-efficient models that keep the cold air out and the warmth in. Double or triple glazing provides superior insulation, reducing heat transfer, minimising draughts and instantly making your home more comfortable.

Flooring: Step onto Warmth
Replace cold, uninsulated flooring with cozy options that retain heat. Consider installing carpet or hardwood floors with proper insulation underneath to reduce heat loss. These choices provide both insulation and a cozy underfoot experience, making your home a pleasure to walk around even on the coldest winter mornings.

Heating Systems: Efficient Warmth at Your Fingertips
Upgrade your heating system to ensure efficient and reliable warmth throughout your home. Modern options such as radiant floor heating or energy-efficient heat pumps provide optimal comfort while reducing energy consumption. Imagine waking up to a toasty warm home every morning!

Natural Light: Harness the Sun’s Warmth
Make the most of natural light to warm up your home. During your renovation, consider incorporating larger windows or skylights to the north to maximise sunlight exposure. Not only will this brighten up your space, but it will also harness the sun’s warmth, reducing the need for artificial heating during the day.

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Our in-house design team, led by award-winning Architect Giuseppe Calabrese, are passionate about creating warm, inviting and energy efficient spaces. We’ll help you make the right choices to ensure your home is a winter haven you’ll love.

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