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Giuseppe Calebrese is an Italian born Australian Architect. As well as being an internationally acclaimed and award-winning designer, Giuseppe’s portfolio conveys in depth knowledge and a high industry standard. In all of his work Giuseppe aims to provide sustainable and lasting built environments with the legacy of quality design.

His work bridges the gap between picturesque and practical and works with clients to create the best design outcome for their needs. Giuseppe is also an experienced violinist and teaches students to have a passion for music in his spare time.

Today, after 25 years in business, our team of over 20 town planners, architects, and local government specialists have helped over 12,689 people navigate council approval. We have a collective 387 years of council approval history.

Our in-house team specializes in helping property and business owners like yourself navigate the approval process from any council.

People say there is no other firm in Australia that has the experience in dealing with local government approvals than we do.

We proudly continue the admirable and worthwhile quest and mission that Max Fragar envisioned when he started our consultancy all those years ago. You will find strength in the depth of our team and confidence in the breadth of our experience.

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