Can I Build a Second Dwelling Above a Garage?

Do you want to know if you can build a second dwelling above a garage? This video answers this question and will give you advice on what to consider when planning a second dwelling on your property.

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Okay, can I build a second dwelling above a garage? My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. Now this is something that’s really important to ask because, often, it can be the difference as to whether you can get that financial security or the extra rental income that you’re looking for. Different councils, different rules. So it’s hard to answer it in one video, but I want to give you some key principles.

Second Dwelling Above a Garage Example

Now, it’s interesting that governments are thinking about this in general. And I have seen this recently on a project where there is a large house that was designed and we were able to put a granny flat above a garage. So I just want to illustrate here for you what we’re talking about.

So typically, people think that a secondary dwelling is attached or detached in the backyard. But as you know, because you’re quite sophisticated already in terms of your understanding, there is another option. So let’s have a look. What we’re talking about here is you have a house and you’re looking at putting a second dwelling above the garage. So say this is the car down here and secondary dwelling. Yes it’s possible. But it’s really important that you get the right advice because if you get this wrong, or if you do it without approval, it can be costly to fix.
Yes it’s possible. But it’s really important that you get the right advice…

Get Expert Advice

Typically builders don’t know how to maximize the livability, which is very important with a granny flat. We have an architect on our team, we have a lot of town planners, and 20 plus Local Government experienced people that will help you through this process. And what I’d like to do is give to you Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. It’s a magazine which will help you through this process. I also recommend that if you do have a property, you are exploring options, and you do want to get some more advice around this, book in for your one-on-one consultation with our team on our website. We’ll give you a call at the appointed time. My name is Colin Fragar. Thanks for joining us.