The Second Reason Why NOW Is The BEST Time To Achieve Council Approval…

Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video…

Okay, so this is the Second Reason why now is the best time to get council approval. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

Now, I have recorded a video previous to this, if you haven’t watched already, the number one reason why I think it’s the best time to get council approval right now is to get ahead of the curve before a huge backlog of Council applications when this has blown over.

But the second reason is really interesting and this is being driven by government policy. As part of the corona stimulus, there’s been a number of government departments that have been involved, and one of them is the Department of Planning and the Planning Minister. If you do a Google search for Minister Rob Stokes, he made an announcement and there’s a whole bunch of initiatives, probably 20 different initiatives they’re doing to accelerate the approval process.

The government initiatives don’t all apply to you but there are some that do apply for you. So Councils have been given a mandate by the State Government to increase the turnaround time of the approval process.

Now, that doesn’t happen very often! We’re expecting that once this is all finished, once the economy is recovered, that it’s going to go back to normal. And the slow planning system is going to go back to normal.

So, if you want to capitalise on this, now’s the time when there’s political motivation to be able to get your Council Approval. So, that’s the second reason why I believe now is the best time to get Council Approval.

For those people that are interested, if you haven’t talked to us already, we do have a special initiative at the moment where we’re offering instead of having a fast track service at a premium, we’re charging the standard price.

If you’d like to book-in a consultation to talk to one of our team, please do, or if you’ve already talked to one of our team and you’re just sitting on the fence, hopefully that helps you take action and move forward with your plans for your project.