The Fifth Reason Why NOW Is The BEST Time To Achieve Council Approval…

Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video…

Here’s the fifth reason why now is the best time to get council approval.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. Now, if you haven’t watched the previous videos already, I have recorded full videos to make sure you go back and watch those.

We’re recording this during the corona lockdown. We’re at the tail end of it. We’re about to hit the economic recovery, which will be a slow process. But we will get there. And I’m a strong believer in creating one’s own economy. So, I wanted to be able to create this video for you to share my heart as to why I honestly believe now is the best time to get council approval.

Just in case you missed it: The five reasons. I’m going to share the fifth today, but the top four so far have been:

  1. To beat the crowd at the end of this economic downturn. There is going to be huge pent-up demand of people who want council approval. And if you can get ahead of that curve, ahead of that bell curve, then you’ll be on the ground and you’ll be ready. If you wait for the rest of the herd, there will be literally hundreds of thousands of applications going into the Council, and staff will be inundated. They won’t be able to hire the staff that they need to.I employ over 10+ town planners, and I know, as a fact, in all of Australia last week, there was only to my knowledge four available town planning positions in all of Australia. Usually there are hundreds, and that just shows that the council is not hiring at the moment.But if you do it right now, that means you get your approval quicker. Okay, that’s number one. Go back, watch that video if you haven’t already.
  2. Number two is a faster approval process. So the State Government, as part of the economic stimulus package, has said to council, “Hey, guys, hurry up. Why is it taking so long to get these approvals? We need to get these approvals in place so we can get infrastructure happening so we can get development happening.”They’ve realised that the construction industry is one of the top four economic drivers of our economy, and they really need to kick start it. And I’ve certainly noticed with my building friends that they are struggling right now. So, I know the value of this economic stimulus package.So, the moral of the story for you is: If you get your council approval prepared now and we get it lodged, you will actually get a quicker approval process than normal. Because guess what happens, at the end of all of this, when spring has sprung, when everyone’s smiling again, guess what? Everybody’s going to be moving forward again with their council approval, and it will slow down everything. Okay, and that economic stimulus will be removed.
  3.  Here’s the third reason (third video, go back and watch): if you haven’t already — just a quick summary is that it is a faster preparation process for us because we have geared up our staff resources rather than geared down because I feel like I have a moral responsibility to society and to our clients and to our team. So, we can actually get the preparation done quicker than what we would have normally because we have recently hired a bunch of new staff and I’m really excited that we can offer them to you.
  4. The Fourth reason, which was the last video, is a lower construction cost. We have noticed that builders are struggling. Builders or trades, what they are seeing is that a lot of jobs are being cancelled at the moment. As a result, guess what? People are hungry for work, which means for you that you’ll be able to get a lower cost of construction or a lower renovation cost.If there are any physical works involved for your property and council approval, if you can get ahead of the curve, if you can get your approval in place you’ll get a lower cost than what you will in say three to six months time, when everybody is trying to do the same thing.
  5. Okay, number five. Here we go. So, the fifth reason why I honestly believe now is the best time to get council approval (and this is the best time that we’ve experienced in the last 25 years…) is that we have packaged design services and town planning services together.We’ve brought them together into one package in-house as internal staff. So we’re not relying on, “that business over there that might have to do your council approval component. That consultant over there. They’re working from home and it’s taking too long, and they’re not used to answering the phone from, you know, from a home office.”That doesn’t occur for us for four or five+ years, we’ve been working from home, we’ve brought in the design team, which means we can really streamline things for you now. So that’s the five reasons why now is the best time to get council approval.Guys, this is the last video that I’m going to do. I’m about to jump on set and record a whole bunch of videos, tips, and tricks on dealing with the council. I hope you found this useful.

If you are sitting on the fence in any way… If there is any possibility of you wanting council approval in the next two to five years, I highly encourage you to take action because it will be those people that take action that create their future destinies.

I really believe that you can create your future through council approval, whether it’s a more secure financial future by an extra income. Maybe a secondary income for your property. Maybe it’s doing that subdivision you wanted to do. Maybe it’s that business that you want to get in place, so it’s up and running and firing by the time all of this finishes.

My name is Colin Fragar. Hope you join us.