The First Reason Why NOW Is The BEST Time To Achieve Council Approval…

Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video…

Hey guys, Colin Fragar here, CEO of the Council Approval Group. I’m in the studio today about to record a whole bunch of videos.

But before that, I really wanted to reach out to those people who may be thinking about how the coronavirus, the government shutdown, the recovery of the economy. How does it all connect into council approval? And I’ve actually got five reasons why now is the best time that I have experienced to get council approval.

Now, we’ve been going for 25+ years and we have a team of dedicated council approval professionals. What they’re saying to me plus what I’m reading, in terms of government policies, I will illustrate five key reasons why I think now is, actually, the best time to get Council Approval.

Now it’s kind of counter cyclical, isn’t it? You think, well it’s during the government lockdown, or it’s during the recovery, let’s just sit back, let’s just wait till things recover. But I, myself, personally, am a big believer in creating your own economy. That doesn’t matter what happens in the world around you, that you can control the economy that you want. So there’s five reasons and I’d like to share in this video the first reason.

Now, the first reason is we (particularly in the state of New South Wales, but also in many other parts of Australia), before all of this hit, were just about to go into a massive property boom. We’d reached the bottom of the cycle. We were going into the next property cycle, which was going to last possibly for the next five years. Western Sydney Airport is being built and associated infrastructure.

Now, what’s happened is, those brakes have been put on and there’s going to be a lot of pent up demand. So, as soon as the lockdown is finished and then people feel like there’s more business confidence, there’s going to be a lot of inquiries for getting council approval, whether that’s with our firm or with others. And so what happens with Councils is they’re going to get backlogged with all of these applications.

Whereas now it’s fairly quiet for Councils, there’s people that are holding back. So, if you can be ahead of that crowd, ahead of the herd mentality, you’ll be able to get your approval in place by the time the lockdown finishes.

Now, what does that mean? If you are looking at residential council approval, that means that you’ll have your approval in place and ready for builders so that you can be the first one on the ground instead of “oh, hang on, winter is finished, it’s now spring and the sun is shining, and life’s good again. Oh, maybe I should get my council approval with the hundreds of thousands of other people”. So, what it does is, it puts you onto the front foot.

If you’re a commercial operator, if you’re looking for some sort of a business approval, even if you have been shut down by the government or business isn’t doing too well, what this does is it means that you’re ahead of your competition. What’s going to happen as soon as everybody comes out of this hole, everybody comes out of this darkness that they’ve been in and then they wake up and they realise, hang on, life goes on… I still want to be in business. They’re going to jump up and councils are going to be inundated with applications.

So, what I highly recommend is that if you are thinking about getting council approval, whether you have already talked to one of our team or if you haven’t, perhaps you’ve been sitting on the edge, now is the right time to do it. And I say that, from my bottom of my heart, I actually believe that this is the best time to get council approval.

So, that’s just the first reason. I’ll record some other videos in a moment about the other four reasons.

Now, if you are thinking about doing it, I just want to let you know that the Preliminary Planning Assessment that we usually offer, we have a priority service which we charge a premium on. So, anybody who wants to get this done quickly, we usually charge an extra $300 to $500 for that. We’re waiving that at the moment, just to be able to help out and to make sure that we’ve got the resources and the support that you need.

My name is Colin Fragar. Thanks for watching and looking forward to seeing you no the next videos.